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How did it get to be 2011?

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It is absolutely crazy how quick this last year has flown by. It seemed like just yesterday things were thawing out and it was time to start biking, and now here we are again. Madness. I'm starting this year off in a bit of a slump, too, which doesn't bode too terribly well. Let's see if I can't blog, code, and exercise my way out of it.
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On January 13th, 2011 10:42 am (UTC), moiread commented:
GASP! A post!
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On March 31st, 2011 12:33 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
hi,i love you and like you !
hi everyone
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On November 2nd, 2011 04:58 am (UTC), artimasele commented:
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